Welcome to the website devoted to SLACKLINE – modern tightrope walking, entertainment, sport, a way of relaxation from everyday stressful situations or just balancing on a thin sling, which we call a LINE.

Even though we stood by the birth of SLACKLINE in Czech Republic itself and from the beggining of the year 2007 we run this website, we point out, that we don´t want to pretend we know all about it. After all, It has been only a few years from the time the first line was set up following the Yosemite Rezidents.

So it is more than certain, that some pieces of our knowledge and methods of tensioning, as well as the material we use, will soon be surpassed.Nevertheless, we are happy that we can be a part of inception of something absolutely new. Our passion and cognition of the beauty of slackline has grown with every broken line, bruise and stich on our head, as well as the feeling of victory and joy after overcoming our own limits.

Also every slackline discusion with a pint of beer, wine or sleepless nights, brought us knew ideas and methods of anchoring and riging.

It is a pleasure to meet all those people, who, as well as we did, became addicted to balance. To balance a few feet from the grass, to feel the tension of petrifying longlines, to enjoy the hot sunny day on a waterline or to absorb the huge amount of adrenalin while standing hundreds of metres above the ground, flying in the magical emptiness.

But the most beautiful thing about slakline are all the people around. Whether it´s just a little meeting in the park during a bustling week or a real occasion as a slackline festival.

Therefore, we will be pleased, if our website become a source of information and isnpiration for everyone from beginner to a professional slackliner, whom the SLACKLINE has become a way of life.


However, we live in a time when it is necessary to attribute to the following:

Slackline can be dangerous! We therefore reccomend that, as in every other human activity, use your head and specifically the brain in order to avoid inujuries. assumes no responsibility for any injury or death in connection with going in for slackline.

Slack zdar!



Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife 01/2021
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Attraction Direct 65 m 15 m
Vážnej případ 8 m 3 m
LVýK 115 m 40 m
3k ve spáře 150 m 40 m 75 m 7 m
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