WhySlacklineGirls?Well, so thatwewouldkeep upthequota and managed to fullfillanotheroneofyetvery sensibleregulationofthebyrocratsfromBrussels? NOPE, thatis so not the case! Themainreasonformakingthis part ofthewebsitewas to show that not only man canbeslackliners. Thegirlscanenjoyslackliningsameamount as man. And not onlythat! Theamazingperformancesofsomeslackgirlscanbe very inspiring, and a bit of a challenge, to thosewhobelong to thegroupof male slackliners. Thisiswhere I thinkofFaithDickey’s performance, very european Texas girl, on higline. Not to forget her very stunt, crossing a slacklinerigged in betweentwo SPEEDING trucks.

But to be fair, to find a slackline girl of a worldformat, wedon’treallyneed to go so far. Anna „Anče“ Kuchařová, wholives in Prague, isoneofthe topelitegirlswith her performance on higline.

And ifweshouldkeep in mind themid-europeanslacklining, itisforsurethatwehave to mention Justiny Wallis, fromPoland, whosetrickliningskillsmatchthoseof man and evenovercomethem.

However not onlythe pop-sparkle and breathtakingperformancesistheworldofgirlsslacklining. Slacklinegirls, forreasons not very understandable to slackline „boys“, organisetheirown GIRLS ONLY SLACKLINE festival, G4G and other „girlish“ events.


Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife 01/2021
Nejnovější highline
Název Délka Výška
Vážnej případ 8 m 3 m
LVýK 115 m 40 m
3k ve spáře 150 m 40 m 75 m 7 m
Die Kurve 120 m 30 m
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13.02.2024 Pan Dek Vážnej případ
13.02.2024 Káč Vážnej případ
13.02.2024 Albi Vážnej případ
18.11.2023 Mates LVýK
16.09.2023 Káč 3k ve spáře
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18.06.2022 Dony 70 m
23.05.2021 Dony 80 m
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21.04.2021 Dony 60 m